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Oct 16, 2019

SUSPIRIA Day 16: eyes

One of the smallest, yet most sinister details in the film occurs around the Volk sequence, and it's one that many folks don't catch at all: it's particularly noticeable during the performance, but even before the dance even begins, Susie and Sara have switched eye color.

In the script, it's described as something of fetish for Madame Blanc–the brown-eyed dancers become the favorites. As Susie is, at this point, the favorite, she gets Sara's brown eyes. They are brown for the remainder of the film, even as she ascends to Suspiriorum.

No one in the film comments on it and it's not referenced in any way, which perhaps makes it even more disconcerting. In the mutterhaus, we see that Patricia's eyes are blue, but they, too, were brown in the opening scene. It's a minor detail that speaks volumes about how evil and perverse the coven truly is, a grotesque use of power and a gross violation for no obvious purpose beyond...what? Aesthetics? Attractiveness? Ever the artist, our Madame Blanc.

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