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Sep 25, 2015

awesome movie poster friday - the 1980 edition!

I gave The Changeling a peep for the first time in a long while last night and man, it's still so good. Good enough, in fact, to warrant its very own Awesome Movie Poster Friday. What an honor! But here's the thing...The Changeling hails from 1980 and 1980 was a great year for horror. It's no 1981, of course, but it gave us a veritable embarrassment of genre riches for sure and that is also good enough to warrant an Awesome Movie Poster Friday. Can you feel the love tonight?

Some other movies 1980 blessed us with have been featured with an AMPF before: Terror Train, The Fog, and Prom Night; City of the Living DeadInferno; Friday the 13th. There's also The Shining, but look, there are so many minimalist and modern posters for that movie that I honestly can't be bothered. It feels like it was an assignment for a graduating class of budding graphic designers or something, there are so many. But hey, the film itself is another reason why 1980 makes most other years look like total suckers for being so lame.


Kensington said...

I'm your Boogey Man!


That's what I am.

Unknown said...

Aww, so happy to see an Awesome Movie Poster Friday post!

Seeing a lot of these brought back good memories. I tormented an uptight, self-righteously nasty college roommate by hanging up that MANIAC poster (don't feel bad for her - she ended up joining a religious cult and I'm pretty sure she thought I was Satan's Geisha).
Love those posters for THE BOOGEYMAN and THE HEARSE, especially. Do you think THE BOOGEYMAN inspired this?:

You're not kidding about the number of THE SHINING posters. I've always been partial to the one that was used for the VHS/DVD/Blu-ray cover with Jack's crazy, grinning face peering in through the hole in the door. Something about that lingered in my child imagination.

Stacie Ponder said...

I'd say the House of the Devil poster was definitely influenced by it...and that's another film with a bunch of terrific posters.

(And "Satan's Geisha" is a great movie name. Or band name.)

originalslugboy said...

1) The shadow in the first Boogeyman poster absolutely looks like Mickey Mouse's head to me. ( )

2) My French is Le Terrible, so I'm pretty sure one of the posters is inviting "My Homies" to watch The Monsters from the Sea.

3) The Teddy Bear from The Unseen poster is totally giving us the sexy look.

4) I clearly need a nap/therapy.

Chris Hewson said...

I love these posts! It's awesome getting a look at all these different variations.

Nick Mullins said...

For years, I've trying to remember the name of a horror movie about a grate that leads to hell. I think it may be The Unseen. Finally!

highwayknees said...

@Nick Mullins: re The Unseen-actually that grate leads to an approximation of one character's particular Hell. Just wait till you meet that character! You will never forget er; him/her/it!