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May 5, 2015

Who Wore It Best?

I'm going to go ahead and assume that you're a super person and therefore, you're a regular reader of My New Plaid Pants. Therefore, you know that it comprises movie reviews and lots of pretty pictures and horror movie talk and more beefcake than you can shake your eyeballs at (whatever that means) and more. Our pal JA has created a blog that isn't any one thing, you know? It is a smorgasbord of pop culture niblets, I tells ya. He runs many a regular feature, including Thursday's Ways Not to Die and The Moment I Fell For..., and unlike me, he actually sticks with these regular features and keeps them going! For a really long time!

Man, I suck.

Anyway, today I'm borrowing one of MNPP's recurring features–Who Wore It Best?–because what else can you do when you remember that time you were playing the 2013 Tomb Raider reboot and suddenly you were confronted with a positively delightful nod to one of your favorite films, The Descentas Lara Croft slowly and calmly emerges from a pool of blood? It's so gross! It's so good! Videogames and horror movies are two great tastes that taste great together and separately, don't you think?

Still, if I'm to truly borrow a gimmick from JA then I'm afraid you'll have to vote. Only one blood-soaked heroine can be victorious! So...who wore the pool of blood best?

Who Wore It Best?


Verdant Earl said...

I'm feeling like I've seen something like this even before The Descent. Martin Sheen rising out of the water in Apocalypse Now? No...that wasn't blood. Thinking more of a B movie-ish thingie.

It's right the tip of my memory. Damn.

Stacie Ponder said...

I wouldn't be surprised if the shot in The Descent was an homage to Apocalypse Now...Marshall's movie is full of nods. But now I'm wondering what you're thinking of...

spazmo said...

I had to give it to my girl Sarah, though they're both breaking the fashion rule of letting the blood wear them... Then again, I guess that's the whole point of camouflage.

Now Carrie White? That gal knew how to rock the "freshly butchered" look.

Verdant Earl said...

Maybe I'm thinking of the Apoc Now homage in Predator where Arnold rises out of the muddy (not bloody) water. I dunno. But I can't help feeling I've seen the bloody image before. From a vampire flick, maybe?

Brent said...

unrelated to this post: Have you seen IT FOLLOWS yet?!???????

Yummy Pizza said...

Just like horror and videogames, MNPP and Final Girl are two great tastes that taste great together and seperately. You should borrow gimmicks from each other more often!

I gotta give it to Sarah since I haven't played (or seen) Tomb Raider and Lara Croft except for online images. But that is a great nod to The Descent (if it was indeed intentional).

Stacie Ponder said...

Yummy Pizza (truest user name ever)- Thanks! I know I should definitely borrow gimmicks from him! I love how good he is at keeping them running.

Brent- I have! I assume from all of those punctuation marks that you loved it? :D I really like it,, but I didn't fall in love (dat soundtrack, though...). I don't know why! It started out VERY strong and I was 110% onboard, but by the last third my ardor had cooled. I'm gonna have to check it out again when it's available.