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May 15, 2015

awesome movie poster friday - the MAD MAX edition!

Okay, so the Mad Max films aren't horror and this is a horror blog. Well, guess what! I'm gonna talk about them anyway because I'm willing to bet that a Venn diagram showing horror fans and Mad Max fans would feature a very very very large intersection. So large, in fact, that the circles would pretty much overlap completely and you know that anyone not in the intersection is most likely a jerk. Right? I mean come on, it's Mad fucking Max.

And besides! I can talk about whatever I want to here. I could start a running feature on Precious Moments figurines if I wanted to, and talk about whether the one holding the umbrella is more or less precious than the one mixing a bowl of cake mix or whatthefuckever it is they do and enough about that, let's talk about Mad Max!

Fury Road opens today and I'm so excited I might actually explode before I get to see it tonight. Word has been nothing but super great, except for all the men's rights activists who are complaining that they were lured in by the promises of explosions and cars (promises which were apparently fulfilled, mind) only to be confronted with–GASP–feminism and female characters with agency. The horror!

But really, it makes me wonder if those complainers have actually, like, seen a Mad Max movie before? There's never been a shortage of terrific female characters and women getting shit done (for good or ill). How about Auntie Entity? Or maybe this lady?

Ugh, she is so perfect.

Anyway. Enough about the folks who just don't get it. The point is, The Road Warrior is a hugely important film for me in that "what made you you?" kind of way, you know, along with Mad Magazine and all sorts of horror movies and the such. I can't wait to trip out on that same vibe tonight. Until then, some awesome movie posters will have to suffice.

EDITED TO ADD: Hello, this is Stacie's ghost, blogging from the afterlife because she went to see Fury Road and SHE LOST HER MIND AND DIED BECAUSE IT WAS SO GOOD.


Michelle said...

Perfect posters, and I can't wait to see this tomorrow. And mmm...yes. She is... yowza.

originalslugboy said...

I think I would like myself a t-shirt that says "VERSION INTEGRALE" on it. Now to find out what it means!

Elwood Jones said...

Some great posters, something that Fury Road especially has had no shortage of. I also agree with you in not being able to understand the suddenly focus on the fact the film has strong female characters, when every entry has featured a memorable strong female character.

Thankfully the 30 year wait for Fury Road has been more than worth it as its incredible!!

Stacie Ponder said...

Oh my lord. I want to watch a movie right now, but I kind of have a WHY BOTHER feeling because Fury Road was so fucking good. I think I'm shellshocked.

matango said...

I'll be happy when it hits the cheap-o theater in November or December, so I can watch it five times in a row.

Re: top photo:

Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan!