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Aug 13, 2012

uh oh you guys

I can feel it happening! As I'm reading everyone's reviews for Deadly Blessing, I feel it becoming...becoming...Rumplestiltskinized. You know, like what I talked about in this post:
See, Rumplestiltskin is pretty much the worst movie ever. Somehow, though, if you talk about it enough with your friends, in your mind it becomes the best movie ever and you're struck with a fiery urge to watch it again right this very second. So you watch it and remember how much it sucks...but then, as soon as it's over, you're talking about how great it was and you want to watch it...and so on, ad infinitum.
I CAN FEEL THAT HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. Yeah, the last ten minutes of Deadly Blessing were incredible (you know they were) and mostly I sort of enjoyed it all even though I also thought it was terrible. But now? Reading about it and discussing it and thinking about it?

It's the best movie ever and I want to watch it again and it's my favorite movie!

I know that's crazy. But still:

Can you blame me? Any movie with that painting in it has to be the best movie. That's just science!


Mulholland said...

And it featured a cast member from Designing Women! How great is that? If only it had been Delta Burke...if only.

Carrie said...

Ahhhhh! I forgot about that painting. How I am not sure, but now I will remember it always.