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Apr 7, 2011

I got one of these

By "these" I mean "a Tumblr page. I won't be doing any writing over there or anything...well, actually worthwhile, most likely. There's something about the platform I generally find aesthetically pleasing- the simplicity, maybe? I like that a page can be nothing more than pretty pictures. I like the immediacy of it; Camp Final Girl will be the place where I'll put up a still from a movie I'm thinking about just because. I'll probably post stuff that's not horror-related as well. There's even a link at the top of the page- a link you can CLICK- that allows people to ask questions or what have you. And as nerdy as it is, I really dig the theme for my page because I have a big metaphorical boner for Field Notes, even if they're overpriced and hipster. So anyway, check out mah Tumblr if you want to. Don't worry...FG is still number one in my coal-black heart!


Maynard Morrissey said...

are you sure that FG is still number one in your coal-black heart? Lately I have a feeling that you're done with the FG thing.
The video games, the comics, tumblr, no film club this month - to me, it looks like you're quite done with horror.

Stacie Ponder said...

Err, that might be a little extreme.

The comics- inking and Toosday Toons- are my job. Video games are my hobby, and I have a blog about them I update sometimes. I haven't been watching many movies (horror or otherwise) lately because I haven't had time. That's also the reason why there's no Film Club this month- I've skipped months with the Film Club before.

In other words, I'm busy with paying work and as much as I love it, Final Girl is still a hobby and there might be periods where I can't devote as much time to it as I'd like. Sorry if that's not good enough!

Quiet Wyatt said...

It's a weird (and fuckin' scary) economic climate that we're all immersed in tits-deep these days (and I'm repeating that colorful idiom as a fat gay guy with bountiful man-tits, feeling the waters of desperation beginning to lap at their undersides) -- so to Stacey I can only say: You go, Final Girl! You keep on going, whatever it takes!

BTW, I just bought & watched "Trick 'r Treat" tonight, and LOVED it. It had two *awesome* rug-pull revelations that I didn't see coming, and the rest was just SOOO lovingly done. Seventeen severed thumbs up!