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Mar 16, 2011


Now, before you get all excited because of those capital letters- which would seem to indicate something special about Wednesday- please note that there's really nothing to get excited about today beyond the fact that it's Chuck Woolery's birthday.

Sorry I've been an absentee mom recently...there just hasn't been much horror in my life lately. Well, except for my hair, which is neither bouncin' nor behavin'. (rimshot) Anyway, I know you'd like to think that while I'm not here typing away furiously, I'm simply staring off into space and withering away, like Christopher Reeve at the end of Somewhere in Time. I'm sorry to say this is only mostly the case, for sometimes I do do things. Observe!

- I have been playing Dragon Age II like nobody's business! That's right, nobody's business...and yet I decided to write about it anyway over at Jill Sandwich, thereby making it everybody's business.


- If you are in Canada (yes, any part of Canada), then you can see Ludlow on the big screen this Friday night! It's showing as part of the Female Eye Film Festival in Toronto, and it's also been nominated in the Best Debut Feature and Best Experimental categories. I couldn't be more thrilled. What an honor! Go check it out if you can...and if you're feeling particularly bold, please consider clicking "like" on Ludlow's Facebook page. I realize that I very rarely click like on anything on Facebook, so if you're thinking that this is a time for cyber retribution, I understand. It saddens me, however, that there are, like pages on Facebook for pickles and said pickles received more interest than my film.

Mind you, I do realize that some pickles are really fucking cool. Like this one, that yodels.

- This woman be making comics. Like, a real ongoing, epic thing. It's called RPG and as you can safely assume from that title, it's all fantasy nerdery with, like, swords and monsters and quests and shit. It's still a newborn, but it updates on Mondays and Wednesdays, and you can check it out at

- Next week I'm seeing Scream 4, and I will faithfully report on it when the PR people tell me I can. By the way, I refuse to call it Scre4m, except for when I did it right there when pointing out that I won't do it.

- I fear that Cathy's Curse is taking on Rumplestiltskin-sized & -shaped real estate in my brain. That is to say, it's terrible, but I find the words "It's the best thing ever!" coming out of my mouth and I desperately want to watch it and I kind of can't stop thinking about it. Oh, such powers Cathy wields!

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some walls that need some starin' thrown their way.


deadlydolls said...

Cathy's Curse's influence on modern culture cannot EVER be downplayed. It's a modern classic. CLASSIC!

Stacie Ponder said...

I was hoping you'd chime in on that! We should form a Cathy's Curse Club and get t-shirts.

I hope it ends up on Netflix streaming, because if it does and it's easily accessible to the masses, I'm making it a Film Club choice!!

Steven and Elizabeth said...

I was going to condemn you for being a big tease, but you redeemed yourself with the 'Cathy's Curse' reference.

Why do I always want to sing that title?

Anyhoo, I don't clicken ze click click to "Like" things on Facebook very much, either (except for pickles), but I will most certainly clicken 'Ludlow.'

Now I just need to see it...

Stacie Ponder said...

Go to Toronto on Friday! Surely a Ludlow screening would be worth, like, $1000 for airfare and hotel.

Okay, it's not.

deadlydolls said...

Please my dear, you know I can't let a Cathy's Curse reference escape me! It is a shame that film isn't discussed more often. Doesn't the world know what untapped wonders are collecting dust in their Mill Creek packs? Should you design some Medium! I'd Say Extra Rare Piece of Shit or Filthy Female Cow t-shirts, you can bet my wardrobe I'm getting one!

Stacie Ponder said...

See, now I HAVE to watch it again.

Extra rare piece of shit is SO GOOD!!

zombivish said...

Kudos on Ludlow being on the big screen in TO.

Stacie Ponder said...

Thanks very much. :)

Steven and Elizabeth said...

A Ludlow screening might very well be worth $1,000 in travel expenses, if said screening culminated in a series of side-splitting outtakes from the film, a la Cannonball Run.

Make it so, Stacie.

In the meantime, congratulations on all the acclaim thus far! When the fanfare dies down, it'll be time to start on your next dream project, Shark Attack 4: The Sharkening.

Unknown said...

You know, as little as i'm looking forward to Scream 4, I still love the first movie. After watching it again last night I'm reminded at how much fun and scary it was to watch in the theaters 15(!) years ago when horror was at its absolute lowest point (The early to mid nineties are to the year 1981 in horror films as to what getting kicked in the goolies are to awesome).

I hold out very little hope, but at least Kristen Bell is still getting work **swoon**

Andre Dumas said...

I'm still trying to work out what Mike's math equation means...............................oh wait I get it now!

originalslugboy said...

Go watch Ludlow, you silly not-watching-Ludlow people!

It is so great, it inspired new scenes, montage-form, in my sleep that night. These clips were intense, gripping-style outakes and I'm not sure why they were not included on the DVD instead of my dreams. (And I think I do need some explanation as to what the recreation of the Episode IV awards ceremony done up furry-style added to the overall theme... Staci?)

[Word verification: gerrunda- a small European country ruled by an ing.]

Chris Hewson said...

I think it's awesome that Ludlow's getting awards. It really deserves them. It's definitely one of the best independant movies I've seen in a while.

AcademicLurker said...

Congrats on Ludlow making it to the big screen.

I meant to write a review, but I'm a total slacker.

One thing that especially impressed me is that the whole "did I hallucinate that or not?" type of plot often doesn't appeal to me (I'm thinking, for instance, of Hellraiser "Deaders"), but Ludlow had me engaged throughout, so I guess you got it right.

Final verdict: awesome.

Chris Otto said...

PLEASE count me in for the Cathy's Curse fan club, website, film festival, t-shirts, cast reunion, Time-Life book collection, action figures, C-64 game, Twitter account, Kraft Foods product tie-in and much more. Or I shall be forced to spew naughty words.