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Apr 4, 2009

reminderin' time

Just a FRIENDLY reminder that my Fangoria LA ticket giveaway sweepstakes extravaganza ends tomorrow night at 9pm PST. Click here for the deets and enter like you've never entered anything before!

The power of Vicki commands you.


FatalPierce said...

Oh man, now I'm having SmallWonder flashbacks! Like when they showed what would happen when Vicki "grows up" and she was just a 6 foot tall 6 year old...traumatizing stuff!

Stupid geography keeping me from entering for the ticket.

the2ndsuitor said...

She's smiling.

I don't like that.

Does not compute.

Matt from Jersey said...

"enter like you've never entered anything before!"

So enter the contest... like a virgin?

Tyson said...

This is now my screen saver.