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Mar 13, 2009

i am just saying.

Have a super weekend. I'm still hard at work on stuff that is not Final Girl (sadness), but I plan to (hopefully) pop on out...or come on down...or...something on something something to the Paranoia Film Fest this weekend. You should, too. It'll give you a chance to see Heidi Martinuzzi's short film Wretched on the big screen. Yes, Heidi Martinuzzi of Ghostella's Haunted Tomb...err, "fame".



Anonymous said...

Have I expressed lately how GREEN with envy I am at the festival's etc you guys get over there. We have a section in the Melbourne (Australia) Film Fest devoted to horror... I need to investigate my local action further!

Ms Harker

Theron said...

Ghostella's Infamy!

Anonymous said...

I just recently watched the making of The Shinning documentary on my DVD copy while working on some artsy goodness. It's a toss up on my favorite part. The spat between Kubrick and Miss Shelly or watching Nicholson get himself all geared up for the assault on the bathroom door with an ax, narrowly taking out an assistant with the ax.

Jason said...

It was an excentric mix of directors back then but like Scorese, they seemed to all cast a part for their mother.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Lucipher, Stacie have you ever seen the 1974 CLASSIC (Ok, I'm not done watching it yet, but I'm sure its going that way!!) movie It's Alive! It's about a murderous baby, and while its being born it murders all the doctors, there's hilirous fake bloody limbs everywhere, all the while the mother keeps screaming "What does my baby look like!?!" and "It's not ugly is it!!?" Seriously woman, check it out ASAP!!

Bruno C. said...

Hi Stacy, I must say I Loved your blog! We have much in common like 3D Movies and Tom Atkins!!!
"My Bloody Valentine 3D" is still in theathers here in Brazil so it was a magic moment when I saw Tom Atkins in 3D and pointing the gun at me!!!

I added your blog! Is awesome!