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Dec 7, 2008

more stuff for y'all to buy

So, remember how I, like, opened up that Amazon store? Well, I just spent way too long adding a whole new category:

Yessiree, there are Nintendo, Playstation, and Xbox games as far as the eye can see. I fully support you buying lots of stuff that requires hours of staring at your television, killing zombies, carjacking, and ignoring your real life friends. Shut-ins 4-eva!


NONtRENDY said...

They made resident evil game controllers? They look almost awkward to hold. Why does the word "awkward" always looks like I misspelt it?

Anonymous said...

Yay for gamers!

I've just picked up "Pop Cutie" for Nintendo DS, a game where you run a boutique and get ideas from the people on the street. (It has duck hats. Tell me that doesn't put a smile on your face.)

On the PS2 side, I got "Dokapon Kingdom", which is like "Mario Party" meets "Monopoly" meets a traditional RPG. And there's duck hats in it, too. :)

I LOVE turn-based RPGs. Although sometimes I wish I COULD spend my time playing it for hours on end... -sigh-

Librarian Russ said...

I've just spent 13 of the last thirty dollars on my bank account on "Bully" instead of presents. So, uh, thanks!

Stacie Ponder said...

That's the spirit, Tiny, but Christmas and otherwise!

Bully is lots of fun, by the way.

FatalPierce said...

Uh oh, I have shopping to do in the next few weeks, this could be bad! (bad for my wallet, good for yours at least).

....but wait "Shut-ins 4-eva!" I hear tell (by both mind reading and Facebook) that recently you went out with people. Not very shut in, have you been taken over by a pod recently Stacie?