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Feb 13, 2008

like, more stuff and stuff

So remember a while back when I posted pictures of all those paintings I did? Well, last night I was a machine and I polished off all the remaining canvases in the house. And this time I even cleaned up the photographs to make 'em all purdy!

I created a 'paintings' album over at my MySpace profile which includes all the other monster paintings cleaned up all nice-like, plus some older pieces like THE SPICE GIRLS. Fuck yeah. So click and go look or something. Then buy some paintings so I can afford more canvas and get back to work!

DISCLAIMER: idea for "painting" totally stolen from cavemen at Lascaux


Unknown said...

That Michael Meyers one is great, but all of them are pretty spectacular.
Nice work!

Anonymous said...

Lon & Elsa... swoon!

jennyoctonails said...

Where does one purchase your paintings?

Stacie Ponder said...

Thanks kids! I'm really partial to the Elsa Lanchester. Great character, that Bride.

Jenny, just drop me a line at

stacieponder (at)

and we can talk turkey. I do customs, too. Thanks!!

Goose said...

The Bride is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Damn you. You're gonna make me buy another one, ain't ya?

Anonymous said...

Stacie, these are really great!
They make me think of a really strange trailer for THE EXORCIST when it first came out that I wasn't aware of but saw on the extras of the DVD (THE VERSION YOU NEVER SAW).
The trailer's focus is on that weird white face in the darkness, but then they do a high contrast thing with it AND keep replaying it in the trailer... fading in and out of the same damn image, more or less.
It's a really strange choice!
And kind of awful actually!
I thought they were going to start with it and then do something different, like cut to actual footage or whatever, but they don't.
I don't know if it came across much more effectively back then, but that's hard to imagine.
It's just very weird.

I guess I'm wondering if you've seen this goofy trailer.

And then I'm wondering if you saw the trailer for EXORCIST 2: THE HERETIC, which is on the same DVD, I believe.
That's just really weird because of the disco-y music... a total 180degree change from the original in tone which is amazing. I wish someone had posted it on YouTube.

And THEN I'm wondering if you saw...

But, anyways, these paintings are great!