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May 6, 2007

sights and sounds

Have you ever thought to yourself "Gawd, I love Final Girl and Stacie is so effing cool that it's hard for me to decide if I want to be besties with Stacie or I actually want to be Stacie."? Humor me and say yes. Then, I imagine, your thinking would continue along like "Man, the raddest thing about being Stacie's bestie or being Stacie is that either way she'd make me a mix tape!", right? Right! Well, lucky you. Last night I couldn't sleep and so I did what any rational human being would do at, like, 100 o'clock in the morning: I played around on iTunes, made an iMix, and uploaded it for all to potentially enjoy. Behold!

Cool, huh? Yup, some of my most favoritest songs in the whole wide world, spanning different genres. How does one get a nickname like "Champagne"?

Don't give me any of that "I don't have iTunes" crap, because there are no excuses- you don't need an iPod to download music or burn CDs, the program is free, and it doesn't matter if you're on a Mac or a PC. I mean, are you what Maya Angelou might call "a fucking rube" or what (I said might call)? "But Stacie," you say, "I only have 99 cents to my name...which ONE song from your supermix should I choose?" Hmm. Maybe "Jumpers" by Sleater-Kinney. Download it and play it loud. Although I can't imagine there's anyone in the world whose life wouldn't be improved by having "Lucky Number" always at hand. And if you looked at the track list and realized that there's a song from the Breaking Glass soundtrack on there- if you're familiar with Breaking Glass and/or its soundtrack at all- then you, my friend, get 1000 points.

Next up, we have a sketch card commission I done's a Werewolf Woman of the SS! Hooray! Sybil Danning would be proud.

And last but most, because it's Sunday and because I love you, an amazing sequence from a film that is nothing BUT amazing sequences.


Goose said...

Well, I like the art and video. The music is interesting to say the least. For those of you who want to listen but are ideologically against anything Ipod, Itunes, et al. You can listen to the entire songs on Napster for free. I am not a huge Napster fan either but it is the entire song and it is free.

Stacie, I do want to be you, or be like you if that is the best I can do, but I think I will make my own playlist.

You still rock in my book.

Stacie Ponder said...

Oh. SNAP. Bitch don' like mah music! ;P As long as I still rock, then I guess that's fine. But I know what you're NOT getting for Christmas!

Are there really people out there "ideologically against" iPod and iTunes? How...odd. And Napster is still free? I don't know these things. I'm kind of square about downloading music...if a friend dubs something for me that's one thing- an I'm all about trades. But if I just go out searching for music...I don't know, I feel guilty not paying. 'Cause it's like art and shit. And artists should be paid and stuff.

Anonymous said...

Napster's free for seven days.

See, I'm of the opinion that being ideologically opposed to iTunes is silly. You can choose not to embrace the service because it has DRM -- which I understand, as a loving eMusic customer -- but to act like you have some ethical objection seems like a reach to me.

And Napster won't let you listen to your music if you ever stop paying for the service, which seems ridiculous to me. They kind of hold you hostage with your own songs.

That's a pretty cool mix, at any rate, although in the eternal quest for the most rocking of all Sleater-Kinney songs, I think "Entertain" ever-so-slightly edges out "Jumpers."

John Barleycorn said...

Hot shit. I rented Shark Attack 3 but haven't watched it yet. I wondered if it could possibly be as good as you say. And then that clip ... oh, that clip. The woman saying, "What? What?" when that dude steals her lifejacket. HE'S STEALING YOUR LIFE JACKET - THAT'S WHAT.

And that shark! Faker than fakestness! Awesome. I'll post a review when I finally pry myself off Spider Man 3 the Video Game.

The McGuffin said...

There's deep, choice cuts in that list. The Metro, Mental Hopscotch, Cherry Bomb, Strutter, Shame and one of the sexiest songs ever produced...More, More, More. That hunk of audio-erotica rivals Donna Summers' Love to Love You Baby on the dripping-sex-o-meter.

OT, what is it with bloggers and insomnia. I swear, every blogger (except me) I've run across suffers from an acute case. What's the deal people?

M said...

I love Breaking Glass, I wish I could be as cool as Hazel in that movie. I'm surprised one doesn't see the silhouette of all the stuff the shark has swallowed sticking out from its stomach, like in cartoons.

Steve said...


You will never believe this, but at about 12:30 am on Saturday night after an evening out having drinks, I returned home and started flipping through my twenty german channels I get here in Frankfurt and guess what?!?! Shart Attack 3 was on, completely dubbed in German! My German is nicht so gut, but with such an awesome movie, I didn't NEED to understand what was being said, because I understood WHAT was being said, haha. I couldn't help but laugh out loud at times, especially at all the boat throttle porn.

Stacie Ponder said...

Thanks for clearing up the Napster question, Patrick. Sounds lousy.

I love "Entertain", too, but the...middle of "Jumpers" is so kick-ass- I don't know, is it the bridge? I don't know song parts beyond chorus and verse. But you know, where it gets all faster.

Oh, Sleater-Kinney, why did you leave me? I' my...eye...

Mr Barleycorn, don't you flaunt your Spider-Man 3 around here, unless I can come over to play. I'm most pleased you rented SA3, however. I can assure you you won't want to give it back. I can't WAIT to read your thoughts on it.

Thanks for the props, Robert. "More More More" is one of the greatest one-hit wonders out there, IMO, though I don't think it was ever super popular.

And sleep? For the weak! :P Really though, I don't sleep much ever- but lately it's turned into can't sleep. But look at what I accomplish! :D

Mariana, clearly you are the 1000-point winner. Congratulations!

Steve- I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear "the line" in German. You're right- a language barrier is of no consequence. SA3 is a movie that speaks loud and clear to us all, even the deaf.

Unknown said...

I was planning on doing Shark Attack 3 this summer as part of my very own Shark Week (two can play at THAT game Discovery Channel). But now, having seen the beginning on Sci Fi a couple months ago, and now THIS, well, I don't know if I can wait!

btw, the card looks awesome!

Des said...

Great sketch card!

How are mine coming along with the commission? ;)

Just teasing. I can wait.

BTW, will you be at WW Chicago this summer? I will with my collaborator. We should eat, drink and be merry.

Stacie Ponder said...

Des- your list is still hanging on my studio wall, taunting me and calling me names.

I swear to you now, in front of the Final Girl Seven, that you will have your cards by the end of May!!! Pinky swear!

I can't believe you're going to be at Chicago and I won't! I think I'm going to miss everything this year- it's all about the timing. Mayyyyyyybe I'll hit San Diego, but even that's a long-shot. :(