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Dec 30, 2006

Last Dazzling Chance!

Tonight at 11:59 pm EST, the Final Girl Dazzling Curtains Giveaway Sweepstakes Extravaganza will turn back into a pumpkin!

SO, if you want a chance to win a copy of Curtains on VHS, send an email to me at with the subject line Donna Martin Graduates!. I'll pick a winner and that lucky person will...uh, win.

You have nothing to lose and only everything to gain by entering! And by "everything", I mean a videocassette of a cool, rare old slasher flick. Only jerks don't enter giveaway contests!


Anonymous said...

Pick me, pick me, pick me...

Happy New Year, Stacie Ponder!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I held out to the last possible second but you got me... and so entered.