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Dec 26, 2006


So I was all set to go see Black Christmas, right? The whole, you know, "Christmas" thing was over and I was all like "Finally I don't have to open any more nice gifts people have given me or eat any more nice food that people have made for me. Yes, finally the cheers are over and it's time for the jeers to's time for some Black Christmas. And some booze." I opened up the ol' hometown paper only to find...the movie is not playing here. Not on any of the 80 jillion screens in southeastern Connecticut. How can this be? Was the viewing of horror movies in a big fat cineplex not what Santa Claus intended when he invented Christmas? I mean, what the f, Connecticut? What. The. F. Pity me, for my viewing of the flick will have to wait a few days until I return to the Final Girl Headquarters. In the meantime, you're on my list, Connecticut. First there's The Nutmeg Incident and now this. Watch your back, that's all I'm sayin'.

Silent Hill 2 is in the works, with Christophe Gans set to return to the director's chair and (lamentable sigh) Roger Avery to return to the writer's...uh, pencil and paper.

There's been some more casting announcements for Rob Zombie's Halloween. Malcolm McDowell has been cast as wacky Dr. Loomis and Tyler Mane (Sabretooth from the X-Men flicks) will be the adult Michael Myers. Meh. Shmeh. Fleh. McDowell's a decent choice, I suppose, and I can't speak much to Tyler Mane...unless Zombie's got Michael all flapping his gums and whatnot, who cares who's under the mask? They've just got to be able to move, you know, in a menacing fashion. Unlike the Michael Myerseses in the last 14 Halloween sequels. So long as Michael doesn't look like a chubby, pasty-faced troll doll (as in...err, the last 14 Halloween sequels), I couldn't care less.


Des said...

Word indeed.

Rock on with yo bad self!

SikeChick said...

Wow! I really don't know how to feel about Malcolm McDowell as Loomis. I've only ever seen him in two starring roles, [i]A Clockwork Orange[/i] which I didn't like and [i]Caligula[/i] (the unrated naughty version) which was just awful. Since I'm having a hard time accepting this whole "reimagining" idea, I have to admit that anything short of a re-animated Donald Pleasance circa 1978 would leave me skeptical.

Oh and in continuing trends of bastardizing horror films and Carpenter's stuff, someone is gonna remake [i]The Thing[/i]. Granted, it's a remake itself, but I still kinda hate the world today.

Unknown said...

Avary may also have Neil Gaiman's help in writing Silent Hill 2. At least that's what I'm told. The interview where Cristophe Gans says so is in French and I only know enough French to be offensive in a room full of nuns.

Anonymous said...

My bro in law was supposed to go see it. Yea we are in CT.

Anonymous said...

I saw IT!! Granted, I don't live in Conneticut, but Canada... BUT I saw Black Christmas yesterday! It was really bad. Really really bad. Billy and his sister/daughter Agnes looked like the worlds biggest midgets and they weren't scary.