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Nov 24, 2006


Tell me, people...can you smell the nerds in the air?

It's reminderin' time! Tomorrow begins Mid-Ohio-Con, wherein I'll be parked at a table selling stuff, expounding upon all things horror great and small at a panel, and hanging out with my pal and tablemate Dirk "Nightmare World" Manning. I hope to see some of you there - not all of you, of course, but some of you. The rest of you can take a flying leap. Be sure to look for me: I'll be the one in the Balrog costume!

Just kidding. I'll be dressed in my finest regular finery, although I did pick up a smart little tulle and taffeta number with lots of brocade to wear to the panel. I hope I'm not underdressed! Perhaps I should get some baby's breath woven into my flaxen locks just in case.

I'll have comics and art to sell, but most important will be the new editions to the StacieCo line...behold, bitches! I give you...the button maker. And a cat.

That's Chloe yelling to the heavens in a jealous rage at her lack of a Badge-a-Minit-Megatron 2000 and opposable thumbs with which to use said Badge-a-Minit-Megatron 2000. I'm telling you, this button-maker is the greatest invention in the history of ever, people...greater than the lightbulb, the wheel, fire, and penicillin. It's even greater than I Can't Believe It's Not Butter! I'm super retardedly excited about it, as sad as that may be. But the possibilities...the possibilities! They're endless! I've totally hitched my wagon to the star that is the Badge-a-Minit-Megatron 2000. I spent hours designing and making buttons like crazy yesterday to have at the frickin' arm is even sore. I don't even like wearing buttons, but the draw may be too great for my weak defenses.

I'm playing with the notion of making a button that says ASK ME ABOUT MY BUTTON!, an idea that for some reason I find endlessly hilarious. It's extra hilarious when I think about what I'd say if I were to make the button and wear the button and get someone to ask me about the button. I'd only reply with "Isn't it neat?", which...I don't know...that really amuses me.

Wish me luck with the unwashed masses! NerdCon, here I come, buttons in hand!


Anonymous said...

"Isn't it neat?"
You're charmingly demented.
Have fun and kick horror panel ass!

Hey, I actually and unexpectedly purchased a Stacie Ponder product yesterday at Atomic Don's! After asking him off and on for a few months about Bloodrayne comics, out of the blue he pulls one out of his butt. And literally! (WTF????) (It's ok, it was in a mylar bag) But still, NOW he finds one? Anyways, it's issue 2 of Plague of Dreams.

AND he showed me the HC version of Project: Romance graced by JIM RUGG covers and endpapers! I was drooling like Carrie Ann Fleming in JENIFER (look at me work all my different blog references in! Umm... Karloff rocks, too!).
Cost: $60!!

The world is ultra-cool and mega-sucky simultaneously!

Sorry about the non-horror ramble... although, ain't geekly obsession terrifying? "Oh, yes," is the answer... "oh, yes."

Anonymous said...

"Ask me aboot my button" is funny. you're response should be, "you're a nosey fucker! Aren't you?"

Des said...

So jealous of you Americans and all your Cons!!!

Loving Stick-O-Vision by the way.

My articles are being published (you know, for our secret project) at every Monday. You can go fins old ones under "Columns" on the left tab menu. It's called Reel Dread. Let me know what you think.

John Barleycorn said...

Make me a button that says, "I Love Beer."

Or, "I love Stacie."

Either or.

Stacie Ponder said...

You know, Brennon, I think "I love Stacie" and "I love beer" are really quite interchangeable.

We're both fattening and bitter.