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Nov 14, 2006

All About Meve

Today's post is totally going to be like a broadcast from Action News 8 with 50 Doppler radars and several exclamation points!


Today sees the launch of a new site in my quest for total domination of The Internet. Yes, folks, it's the birthday of a little site called Genre Girls, wherein I and some other lovely ladies you either do know or should know will be posting all about...take a guess...genre flicks. Isn't it exciting? You see, Final Girl is totally my soulmate, but...sometimes...I just...I need to talk about Cynthia Rothrock movies, you know? And I like, don't want to dilute the horror purity of what we share, Final Girl, so I had to start something completely new where I could talk about not horror movies. Then I invited some awesome friends to play along- ain't life grand? Yes, sometimes it is. So. If you like what I have to say here at FG, you just might like what I have to say at GG. AND, in addition to my profanity-riddled musings, there are three other flavors in the Genre Girls rainbow! WOW! The Internet just got 5.2% cooler, I swear.


Remember last year when I went to Mid-Ohio-Con and totally became best friends with Margot Kidder? Well, guess what?? It's that time of the year once more! Yes, true believers, Mid-Ohio-Con is fast approaching! Over Thanksgiving weekend, many a nerd will flock to...err...beautiful downtown Columbus, Ohio for 2 days of nerd-related activities. Once again, I'll be there and I'll be square. Sadly there will be no Margot Kidder this time around, but there will be Joyce DeWitt of television's Three's Company- and that's...something, right? Dear lord.

Anyway, yeah, I'll be sitting at a table hawking my wares, spinning ribald tales, kissing babies, thumb wrestling Stormtroopers, and whatever else one does at a NerdCon. AH! BUT! The best thing of all...perhaps the best thing in the whole that I'll be speaking on a horror panel on Saturday afternoon, November 25! Yeah yeah! If you click here and read about the Horror of it All panel, you will see my name. I am completely floored and honored to have been asked to participate. I expect each and every one of you to be there.

Pshoo pshoo!<---that's the Awesome Laser, shooting directly at YOU. ITEM!

Who likes vintage horror and sci-fi movie poster art? Who agrees that they just don't make movie posters like they used to? I do! I totally do, man! Totally! You can imagine, then, that I just about peed my pants when I got a gig doing sketches of vintage horror and sci-fi movie poster art for a vintage horror and sci-fi movie poster art collector card set! Again, I say, pshoo pshoo!<---the Awesome Laser is once more shooting directly at YOU. See, how it works is, a trading card set is released. When people buy an entire box of packs of trading cards, inside the box they'll receive a super neato piece of original trading-card-sized art, a sketch card. I'm one of the lucky folks doing the sketch cards, of movie posters from such awesome old flicks like The Fly, The Reptile, and Metropolis. You can read more about the card set right here. Cool, right? I expect each and every one of you to buy hundreds and hundreds of boxes in the hope of scoring a Stacie Ponder original. Nyah!


This weekend sees the nationwide opening of the much-ballyhooed horror film fest, 8 Films to Die For. Yes, for one weekend only, you can catch some fresh and exciting new horror flicks in theatres around the country- how awesome is that? It's so awesome that I think it warrants the use of the Awesome Laser. Pshoo pshoo! The only drawback to the whole horrorfest thang is that there's no all-encompassing pass to catch all eight flicks- you've gotta buy tickets for each movie individually. Perhaps I'm being greedy, but I want to see them all, dammit. I feel it's my duty as your Final Girl to check out all these movies and report back my findings. But, damn, eight movies at today's ticket prices? Am I made of money? I mean, do I look like some richy rich fancy pants like Conrad Bain of television's Diff'rent Strokes? The answer is no. No, sir, I do not. This means I'll have to pick and choose, and I hate picking and choosing. I had to do it once with my six children (I was moving into a 2-bedroom condo and I could therefore only take one child with me) and it was awful. Alas, alack. But I love the idea of this horror festival. Talk about bitchin'!

See, did I deliver the Action News exclamation marks or what? But enough about me. How are you?

*note to self: during horror panel, control swearing and talking about love of Claire Bloom in The Haunting


Anonymous said...

Congrats on Genre Girls. I intend to check it out forthwith.

Btw, I saw a rerun of Law & Order starring Claire Bloom the other night. She's still sassy...

Anonymous said...

Well, I got tickets to each of the Horrorfest offerings for both me and my son. So I'll let you know how they be. (The Gravedancers is the one I'm most looking forward to seeing.)

Anonymous said...

Am i slow.
I JUST caught the pun in the title of your post.
That's an AWFUL pun, but I'm mostly embarrassed that I have the brain of a lame-iak.

Hey! At this Con that you're the #1 featured guest at, of the wares you'll be hawking, will it include copies of THEY WON'T STAY DEAD! ?

Stacie Ponder said...

Wow, Chadwick, that's very cool! I'm jealous. Definitely report back with your thoughts. I'm going to try to catch at least 2 of the flicks, but I'd say I really would love to see at least 6 of them. Grah! How can I choose?

Cattle- I agree, it's an awful pun/post title. I am a bit ashamed of it, truth be told, but what can you do? I gotta be me, man...groan-inducing obscure puns and all!

I will have copies of TWSD! with me, in it's last print run, even! Hooray! I'll have that as well as the other stick figure comic, the flip-book Tonight and Hungry Like the Wolf. I'll have several issues of BloodRayne as well as original art from the book. I'll have sketch cards available (and I'll be doing them at the show)...there'll be a veritable cornucopia of Stacie Ponder junk available. Hooray again! Mama needs money!

Are you going to be there?

Anonymous said...

I just read over at Fangoria's website that After Dark Films hopes to make Horrorfest an annual event!

My only hope is that it makes enough money to justify the cost to do so.

Anonymous said...

Re: my being at the Ohio Con... boy, I'd LOVE to for a variety of reasons.
If I do, I won't know until just before.
My wife's gonna be doing her annual watching all 3 Lords of the Rings special edition movies in a row the weekend after Thanksgiving, so I won't be missed as I skip states. At least for 8-9 hours.

Don't know... don't know...

Meanwhile, I think Gravedancers is the Mike (The Convent) Mendez flick at horrorfest.

Anonymous said...

It just hit me, Horrorfest so should have been a Final Girl Film Club selection. Don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Reincarnation: standard J-Ho stuff.

Unrest was a decent little thriller.

Anonymous said...

All that's left for us to see is Dark Ride, which we'll be catching on Tuesday night.

It was a blast, the line-up ranged from really good to cheesy fun. I really hope this turns into an annual thing.

Stacie Ponder said...

I'm glad you're diggin the flicks, Chadwick. I hope they're released on DVD eventually. How was The Gravedancers? Was it a "serious" movie, or intentionally fun?

Anonymous said...

Gravedancers was a little of both, really. I thought the film derailed at the end, going so over the top as to be laugh inducing, but everything that came before it was so damn good that I could forgive it. Also helping was the fact that the lady playing research assistant Culpeper was seriously Velma-style smokin' hotness. It's one of the four or five flicks from the fest that I'm going to get on DVD.

I really hope they do it next year. We're seeing Dark Ride, the slasher entry, tonight, because we missed it on Friday. Saw 'emn all, liked just about all of them. (The Abandoned and The Hamiltons didn't do much for me.)

Anonymous said...

I "saw" THE ABANDONED Saturday night. Well, I was in the theater.
It was a long day and by the time I hit the 10:15pm show, I was gettin' pretty pooped, I guess.
I kept zoning out, and being brought back to life/consciousness when something scary/noisy/loud happened. Meaning, I MISSED those moments, but they woke me up!
Grrrr... I suck!
What I did see looked interesting, I thought. A kind of ghost story vibe thing, I think. but, I'm not really a good indicator of what actually happened.
I went to see this because Nacho Cerda, a Spanish director, made it. I guess he has a pretty good reputation for a couple short subjects he's made, so I was excited to recognize another name besides Mike Mendez.
NEXT year I'll try to be more watch-y and less narcolept-y.

Although the evening wasn't a total loss: earlier I saw a live production of the musical version of REEFER MADNESS (there's a film version of this out, too, with Veronica Bell) and it was great! Guess all my energy went into enjoying that.