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Jul 20, 2006

Oh, I'm a happy camper...

Both Fangoria and Bloody-Disgusting have the lo-down on the progress of the upcoming Return to Sleepaway Camp, the 4th film in the series.

From what I've read, the filmmakers (including Robert Hiltzik, returning as writer/director to the franchise he began) want to make the fourth entry more like the first Sleepaway; that is, to make more of a straight-up slasher flick and move away from the...err, campiness of the second and third films.

The plot is shockingly original and will not only break new ground but will dig up old ground just to spit on it and make fun of its clothes:

It's summer at Camp Manabe...and then people start to die.

Hey, "cutting-edge" has its place, and I tell ya, it ain't at Camp Manabe. I say, no matter! Sometimes you want foie gras with a nice bearnaise and caper sauce garnished with arugula and pretty pretty edible flowers, and sometimes you just want a burger. Me, I always want pizza. I'm eating some right now, as a matter of fact. I don't even know if "foie gras with a nice bearnaise and caper sauce garnished with arugula and pretty pretty edible flowers" is something anyone wants, but those were all the fancy food words I could come up with.

I digress.

Return to Sleepaway Camp has been "in production" for years now. In fact, there's some footage from it available on a bonus disc if you buy the Sleepaway Box Set. I haven't seen any of it because, of course, I bought my Sleepaway Box Set about 20 minutes before the extra-special version with a bonus disc hit shelves. I have a knack for doing that sort of thing, you see. I always buy a video game system 20 minutes before they announce a price drop and 6 times now I've adopted a baby 20 minutes before I find out I'm pregnant.

I digress yet again.

Apparently they're putting finishing touches on the movie and aiming for a DVD release later this year. Tons and tons of gore will be added to existing footage, from rats chomping on bodies to spears through eyeballs to skinned victims. Sounds like a real grody-fest. There's one quote, however, from the Fangoria article that has me really excited about this movie. Sayeth FX artist Jerome Thelia, "There's a scene in which one of the characters basically explodes..."

Aah, yessssss...preciousssssssss. You know how I love a nice explosion in my horror movies.

No one's saying Peep One about Angela making a return appearance, but a Sleepaway Camp movie without Angela is like foie gras without pretty pretty edible flowers. It simply doesn't work!


Anonymous said...

I'm fairly sure that Felissa Rose returns here and perhaps the young lad who played her cousin too.

My hopes aren't too high, mainly because it's taken to friggin' long and personally, although I love Felissa, Pam Springsteen and her sequels are simply to die for! HA. Another funny!

Anyway, of course I'll see it and I do hope it is good, they just need another child raping cook...

As for the boxed set, I have the one with the red cross on it. The Geneva Convention actually made them pull it! It was a tough find, but so worth the search!

Amanda By Night

Anonymous said...

i hate being one of them correct-y type jerks, but the extra disc is footage from yet another attempted sleepaway camp movie (called the survivor) and not Return to Sleepaway Camp.

The good news is that if you don't have that extra disc, you aren't missing anything. It's just random footage of people running through the woods, and thankfully, the movie ran out of money.

now i feel all jerky.

Stacie Ponder said...

Amanda gets yet another +1 on the awesomeness scale.

Josh, on the other hand... :p Heh- you're not being jerky at all. I knew the 4th disc had footage from an aborted movie and I assumed it was Return. Yes, I assumed, despite the old saying "Don't assume because maybe you will provide the wrong info on your blog for all to see. Someone will point out your error and feel like a jerk even though YOU'RE the jerk for assuming. Then everyone will laugh at you for being a jerk who assumes. Then you will think abou changing the info in your blog, but really you'll just leave the erroneous info up there because you are a LAZY jerk who assumes. When you die, the flames of Hell will spit you out and you will float forever in the Ultra Negative Zone for People Who Assume. It's cold there and there is no Polarfleece for the soul."

God, my gramma gave me that warning SO many times, yet here I go again, assuming. Why am I so willful?

platyjoe said...

Here's to hoping Uwe Boll gets the directorial nod.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Stacie, you *KNOW* how much I love that cover...

Cheesey goodness indeed!!!

Anonymous said...

i have the box set with the footage of four.... ill see if there is some way i can copy it & send it to you=)

i cant wait for this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(this is hannah/axwound btw=)