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Dec 16, 2005


Guh. That's about all I can say after watching the 30-odd second Silent Hill teaser trailer.


Happy Friday.


Anonymous said...

Um, I think I would definitely have to agree with you on that one. I am a huge fan of the games and was stoked when I heard about the movie, now I'm not so sure...

Anonymous said...

I assume you meant you dug the trailer.

I am psyched. The closeness to the lighting and the set design is spectacular.

Any details on the plot?

Des said...

I don't know...I find it difficult to judge movies based on teasers. They're almost like magazine ads in their sparsity of actual information. I found it rather creepy.

I have yet to play the game but it's on its way via eBay due to your good word (and a reasonable price).

Stacie Ponder said...

Sorry if my 'guh' was a little vague! :D Yeah, the teaser has me salivating like Star Jones over a baked ham.

I agree with you, Des, that teasers are just such a...a...tease. I think with this one, though, it let me know enough to give me hopes that the filmmakers will be true to the game. Even the music was from the games! (Yes, I'm a nerd) I'm psyched you bought on eof 'em- I hope you like it. Be sure to let me know!

As far as a plot goes, I've heard only that it involves a mother searching for her sick daughter, who disappears in Silent Hill. It could be loosely based on the first game. Some stills look like they've got Claudia in them.

I can't wait for April!!

Anonymous said...

I loved the preview- it's got the nurses and pyramid head! And the town looks like it was taken straight from the game. SH1 gave me nightmares for days, and I still get a little nervous whenever I hear air-raid sirens- I'm hoping the movie will do the same.