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Dec 2, 2005

Congratulations! It's a blog!

Well, idea I've been kicking around for a long time has finally come to fruition. No, I haven't created a Charles Nelson Reilly museum in my other idea, I mean. I done gone n' started another blog, maw! She's called Four Color Girl, and it's going to be a place for my comics and art and the such. An ongoing, constantly updating portfolio and stuff, if you will.

That said, it won't take anything away from Final Girl. The Girls are two similar yet very different beasts...think Margot Kidder in Sisters. But if you're into the whole comics thing, check it out. Four Color Girl needs friends right now.

Here's a nice quote from Michael Eisner to get your juices flowing:
There are two kinds of ways to make money in the entertainment business. There is the very low road and the very high road, and there's nothing in between. The middle is the most dangerous to be investing in. It is the road to extinction. Because mediocrity is the enemy of creativity.

So if you want to be a pornographer, or you want to make slasher movies that only come out at Halloween, or you want to do only low-life stuff that appeals to a very small audience that will grow out of it as they age, great, go and do that.

I'm not interested in that. So if you want to make movies, television, games that are lasting, that you are proud of, you are lucky, because those will also be the ones that will endure. It's the best product that ends up making the most money over time.


Kevin Melrose said...

You just can't stand it that I have two blogs, can you? It's eating you alive!

Admit it. Go ahead.

You want everything I have. Everything!

Stacie Ponder said...

I'm sorry, sir. Do I know you?

Fine, Melrose, you caught me. While I had my moustache before I met you, it is now my goal to grow a matching beard as well. 2 blogs? Done. Now to begin working on my comic about Victorian corpse thieves...mua ha ha ha!

Stacie Melro-- I mean, Ponder.

Kevin Melrose said...

Now I know how Bridget Fonda felt!

Stacie Ponder said...

Ehh, you're only saying that because you've got that smart little black dress on.

Des said...

Whoa! I'll let you guys have your moment. >carefully backs out of the room<

Kevin Melrose said...

Oh, Des, there are plenty of little black dresses to go around ...

Anonymous said...

Congratz on Blog 2!

Regarding Eisner:
--"very small audience," he says? He's full of it--he's just trying to justify his (and the corporation's) horrible decisions. The dollars prove him very wrong. Blogs like yours prove him wrong. And because Dimension Pictures was once (and still is?) a subsidiary of Disney, he proves himself a hypocrite.
--Lasting over time? He's forgetting movie competitor Universal Pictures: they've been making horror flicks as long as Walt & Co. have been turning out product, and Universal is *still* making $$$ off of them.
--"mediocrity is the enemy of creativity"--you should know, Mr. E.

BTW, Sisters is an awesome horror movie! And that soundtrack: wow!

Keep up the good work, Final Girl!