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Jul 1, 2024

Invitation to Love (and a podcast)

I looked at the clock and realized it was high time to toss out a reminder about The Detective and the Log Lady, the weekly podcast about Twin Peaks that I'm co-hosting along with Mike Muncer of The Evolution of Horror. 

We're on the back half of the too-short season one, so it's not too late to catch up whether you are a Twin Peaks lover and veteran or a Twin Peaks lover and newbie like me. A new episode dropped today, so check it out on the EoH website or whatever podcast platform you enjoy most. Or least, if you're feeling spicy!

And yeah, I called myself a Twin Peaks lover because I am indeed loving it so far. Settling in for the week's episode is such a treat. The theme song kicks in, wraps me in its warm embrace, and I feel my cares and worries slip away (into the night). And I love that I get to pick it apart with Mike because man, there is so much to pick apart--and simply luxuriate in. This cast giving weird, spooky mystery one minute and delicious nightsoap the next is heaven, I tells ya. I am so happy to finally be getting into Twin Peaks and to talk about it, so do give a listen and subscribe if it sounds like your thing, too. And rate and review! It will help this little baby bird of a show get in front of more eyeballs and earholes.

Oh and if you've got questions and/or comments for us, you can email them to logladypodcast @ At the end of the season we're going to do a mailbag grabbag episodebag, so getcherself in there!

Oh OH and if you're looking for a board to discuss les Peaks and I guess the podcast, members of Mike's patreon (any level) can access discussion groups, both spoiler-filled and spoiler-free. 

You can also discuss it in any of the Twin Peaks-post-related comment sections here at Final Girl, but please keep it 10000% spoiler-free if you do. I have sealed myself away tighter than a jar of Howard Hughes's urine to protect myself from spoilers! (And from contrails and 5G but that's another story!)


NintendoThumb said...

This podcast is my new favorite thing!

Stacie Ponder said...

Me too! Thanks very much, I appreciate it. Can't believe we're almost done with season one already!