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Jun 11, 2018

Hooray for Everything!

You know how it goes: you make a baby, the baby becomes a bigger baby, and then an even bigger baby.  Such s the case with Final Girl, who turns a whopping 13 years old today! Thirteen. The scariest of all ages except for 666 and 40!

Our Final Girl is becoming a Final Woman, you guys, and holy crapping crap I can't believe how the time flies.

I certainly do not update this place with the regularity that I should, so a Charles Nelson Reilly-sized THANK YOU to everyone who has bothered to stick around at all and is reading this right now!

Wow. Still so ornery after all these years. And still such poor penmanship! I suppose it's nice that some things remain the same.

Anyway. While I have been woefully neglectful here, I have been active elsewhere, and I'm not just talking about my jazzercise classes. I still write for Kotaku, and my name is gonna be popping up in a few more places soon. I've been thinking about maybe starting an email newsletter thing since I'm not doing much social media anymore but I want people to stay informed of stuff I'm doin' if they want to stay informed. You know, maybe once a month? With links and one of my grandma's favorite recipes? Okay, I would just be copying recipes off of Triscuit boxes, but still, what do you think?

Hey, speaking of things I did! Alexandra West's book about the 1990s teen horror cycle, appropriately titled The 1990s Teen Horror Cycle, is out in the world! I wrote the foreword for the book and it was truly an honor. The book is a terrific look at a subgenre written off by many horror fans and I'm super proud to be a part of it. Here it is, with a Freddy Krueger candle for scale.

Hmm what else what else. Oh, the ongoing lawsuit for the rights to the Friday the 13th franchise has finally cockblocked the video game as well: publisher Gun Media announced today that there will be no future DLC or content for the game. They had a lot in the works, including Jason X's Uber Jason and a Grendel map, but that's all taken a machete to the face. Friday the 13th: The Game was–and still is, they'll continue to support the game and fix bugs for the foreseeable future–a good time, but what a troubled year it had. Why, it's almost as if the game had a death curse on it. If only we'd been warned!

Hey man, if you've got a Friday the 13th itch, you can scratch it with a copy of Death Count. I am just saying! And also, I mean that metaphorically. Don't do unspeakable things with my book!

Actually, do do unspeakable things with it. In these trying times we all need to take our joy where we can find it.

I've been thinking about doing a monthly Final Girl podcast. On the one hand, the last thing this world needs is another podcast! Especially since, if this blog is any indication, it would be a nonsensical mishmosh shitshow. On the other hand, a friend keeps haranguing me to do one because he would listen whilst he's bored at work, so I would have one guaranteed listener, and I do love attention. What do you think? Tell me your thoughts concerning this! Again, I know. Another fucking podcast. But honestly it's the closest I'm probably ever going to get to living the Stevie Wayne life I so covet and I should probably just take the shot.

I think that about wraps it up for now! Happy Anniversary/Birthday to Final Girl, and Charles Nelson Reilly bless us every one.

Ha ha ha! What a rascal.


Mikey Sarago said...

Yes x infinity to the podcast idea. I haven't listened to one since The Scare-ening, and it left a void. A "nonsensical mishmosh shitshow" sounds like a good time, honestly. Go for it!

Marc said...

Happy birthday! Yes to the newsletter, and yes to the podcast. One of my favourite shows to listen to lately is The Hysteria Continues, a great and fun show about about (mostly) slashers which I can heartily recommend. It's also one of my main sources to scratch the ol' horror itch, tho I have also taken the plunge and gone and done and subscribed to Fangoria for the first time (it got really hard to find here in the UK but I'm stoked for its return). But anyway what I'm trying to say is whether it be newsletter or podcast or whatever other form, you got yerself another listener/reader.
Many happy returns!

P. K. Nail said...

I would *love* to listen to your podcast, should you choose to do it! So that would make TWO listeners. :-)

G.A. Redman said...

Saw on your Instagram feed you saw Hereditary and seemed to like it. Your thoughts in a brand new newsletter + grandma's recipes would be a great start for me.

Nicholas Kaufmann said...

Happy anniversary! I'm glad to see you're still alive and kicking. Any word on that book you were writing about that movie? (As you can see, I have a great mind for details!)

Mark said...

Didn't you used to have a podcast a while back? I thought you were on a podcast with another host and talked about horror stuff informally or something. Maybe I'm just going crazy or confusing you with someone else. Regardless, I'd totes listen to a Final Girl podcast.

Marc P. said...

I would totally sign up for a newsletter and be a rabid fan of your podcast. There, you've just DOUBLED your listenership!

William Quiterio said...

I would listen to a Final Girl podcast! I’ll even throw out a suggestion for a first episode: something something A Quiet Place, and something something 80’s horror video box cover art.

I’d listen!

Michelle said...

Another Fucking Podcast would be a great name. I can see the t-shirts already! :) Regardless of title, I'd listen, for sure.

Anthony Hudson said...


Zoom said...

omg, a podcast!?! yes, please!

Dracula's Dame said...

Yes to the email! Yes to the podcast! Yes to everything! I miss your quasi daily Ponder-ings.

Unknown said...

Damn. Don't go away girl! I lost track over the years but my nephew shared your article on F13 and I had an 'A ha!' moment of I know who that is. So here I am stalking slower than a Universal Monster trying to catch up on all things FG related. Good to hear you're still on point tracking down the finest morsels!

Wren said...

podcast please!

pers0na said...

I would love a podcast. I love podcasts. I love horror. But don't currently listen to any horror podcasts.
Also since Final Girl has stopped posting it has been a slog to find reliable horror recs, despite following a bunch of good horror folk on twitter the rec to success ratio is way lower than it was up in here. So podcast? yes please. Sign me the hell up. Also Halloween is approaching fast. I don't wanna burn out your enthusiasm but maybe something like a monthly podcast that goes weekly in halloween - maybe shorter eps to keep it manageable? Just a weekly low quality audio recording of someone watching Hell Night would probably tick most my boxes re excellent horror related audio content.

But whatever a Final Girl podcast in any shape or form? yes please with a possessed lamp on top.

Please and thank you.

Stacie Ponder said...

pers0na, first of all, thanks. Second of all, you may have psychic powers because your October suggestion is eerily spot-on to my plans. THAT'S RIGHT. Keep your eyeballs and earballs tuned to this space for news on Monday!

J.J. said...

Stacie, this is wonderful news! My earballs are primed for something special.