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Oct 9, 2014


Dr. Tongue brings you...

Day of the Dead (1985)

Now that is a title screen: zombie front and center. Liberal amounts of grossness. Solid, weighty logo. All of it combining to let you know that George Romero ain't fucking around here. All of it as the climax of a fantastic opening sequence, one that well introduces some of our cast of caricatures (come on, you know they are) and shows just how screwed and desolate the world has become in the wake of the zombie apocalypse.

The font and the soundtrack cry zombie action movie and my heart cries yes!


vampy said...

For me, the brilliant part of this intro is the way it tells us the escalation. In Night, the zombies were "coming to get you, Barbara," but that was still a joke. In Dawn, there were still organized police forces and civilians living in the cities.

In Day? To quote another film, "It's Game Over Man!" the zombies have won. The world is a parody of what it used to be. (I like how, unlike sharks, gators can peacefully coexist with their fellow flesh eating predators.)

"Jaysus Mary and Joseph!"

Marc said...

Damn fine choice! Whenever I think of this movie, 2 things come to mind: Joseph Pilato's outrageous scene stealing, and THIS opening.

Antaeus Feldspar said...

Five words come to mind:

"This is the new normal."

Chris Otto said...

I have such mixed feelings about this movie. Love the opening. And there are some great moments. But the script and some of the acting is such a letdown. Characters and viewpoints having shades of gray is part of what made Romero's first two zombie movies so compelling. This one is just black and white and caricatures ... personalities so ridiculous that they make the zombies look boring by comparison. I just wanted so much more from this movie as the cap of the (then) trilogy.

Unknown said...

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