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Jun 13, 2014

Happy Friday the 13th!

There's an excitement in the air- at least, I think that's excitement- whenever Friday the 13th rolls around on the ol' calendar. Horror fans unite and celebrate the adventures (more like misadventures, amirite, ha ha ha!) of Jason Voorhees, his mom, a bunch of horny teenagers, a few non-horny teenagers, some random adult-types, and various crazy townsfolk. It's a day, much like Halloween, where even non-horror folk join in the fun; it's not unheard of for someone to post a picture of Jason even if he or she has never made it through a Friday film...or even tried.

Websites run lists, ranking everything from the movies in the series to the deaths in the series- which is your favorite? Which is the grossest? Which movie has the best title sequence? I would ask which has the best theme, but the obvious answer is Part 3 (it seriously fills me with much joy).

So today I'm posing a question that is honestly so, so tough for me to answer: Ginny Field, or Chris Higgins? They're both so great and 100% kick ass. Chris has some...personality issues, perhaps, that might push Ginny over the top. But when it comes to skills, Chris has those that pay the bills. I can't choose. I can't. And so I leave it up to you. Choose wisely! Or don't, I guess it doesn't matter.


Sandisan said...

You are silly and I love it.

Unknown said...

I wore your "Casual Friday" t-shirt out and about yesterday and got a lot of great comments on it. Kudos!

Stacie Ponder said...

That's so awesome...thank you muchly!

matango said...

I thought I'd have to go with Ginny, but upon thinking about it, I choose Chris. She beat Jason after she lost her shit and while wearing those high-waisted Jordache jeans, so she's pretty tough.