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Apr 25, 2014

totally obsessed

Anyone who's been hanging out at the Final Girl Facebook page knows that I've been totally obsessed with Friday the 13th Part V for a while now. I think it started when I named Ethel Hubbard Victim of the "Week"- suddenly I was looking at the most-reviled Friday film with nothing but love in my eyes! It's only gotten worse since I revisited the film for the Friday the 13th Death Count tumblr (by the way, victims from A New Beginning began yesterday!) and I can't help myself, I've got Part V Fever...and I don't think I care!

And so, I just want to take this moment to talk about two things in this movie, aka my new best friend. First, it's so awesome that Roy carries a photo of himself in his wallet.

Second...who took this picture?

Was it some intrepid AP photographer we never met? Was it the vanishing Paul from Part 2? No wait, that's not must have been someone from midway through Part 3 to the end of Part 4. Mind, Parts 2-4 take place in one weekend, right? It's so delightfully confusing. Such a rich mythology these movies have!


William Quiterio said...

A rich and maddening mythology indeed. Did the movies ever bother with even a cursory, one-line-of-dialogue explanation as to why Jason chose to live in the woods for several years like a wild man after his childhood not-drowning, never attempting to contact his mother or anyone else? For me, that's the big mystery at the heart of the franchise.

Dead In Hell said...

There are some choice shots in Rob's various clippings in Part IV as well, if I recall correctly.

I always wonder about the nature of the conversation that was had prior to that stuff being created and filmed. Someone had to have considered this mysterious photographer. Or maybe it was just a recreation. In the Friday the 13th universe Jason is probably the subject of many a dramatization.

Also, maybe that is what happened to Paul. Perhaps Jason liked his moxy. And Paul left Ginny in the cabin and went off into the woods with that little dog to start a new life as Jason Voorhees' personal photographer.

SikeChick said...

It's from the never-before-seen found footage. Duh!

Stacie Ponder said...

Have they squashed the idea of making the new reboot found footage? I know people hate on that subgenre, but I think that's mostly because some filmmakers are lazy about it and think just handing a character a camera is enough. Or maybe I'm just a found footage apologist, I dunno. But a found footage slasher COULD be interesting, maybe, if done well.

But if they DO do it for F13, man, if they could incorporate this little bit as an easter egg (they won't, but IF) it'd be pretty cool. What a great idea!