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Dec 6, 2013

awesome movie poster friday - the JAMIE LEE CURTIS edition!

Sometimes I take Jamie Lee Curtis for granted. It's just not raging all the time, you know? If I see Adrienne Barbeau's name in a film's credits, you can consider my shit lost. Same with Charles Napier and Joan Collins and anyone from the cast of Dallas or Melrose Place. But if JLC comes up, my shit remains totally under control. Maybe it's because I've seen everything in her horror oeuvre countless times, or maybe it's because she's too familiar now that I know so much about her regularity issues. Maybe it's because she's made so many movies I'll simply never see (I mean, Christmas with the Kranks combines like ten things I hate, and that level of negativity can only be partially mitigated by the presence of Ms. Curtis and M. Emmet Walsh).

I was recently reminded, however, that my love for her is an eternal flame burning so bright that even The Bangles are all "Tone it down, Stacie". This is thanks to the JLC documentary on the recent 35th Anniversary Blu Ray edition of Halloween. I know...I know! You could have a very sizable movie library consisting solely of the various releases of that GD movie. Every five years- at least!- there's a new one with fancier packaging or cruddier packaging, more special features or no special features, better picture quality or a plush Lester (I WISH), and so on. This 35th Anniversary edition has to be it, though, the version to end all versions. It has to be. It's chock full of everything (commentaries, the television edit, blah blah blah), so what else is there?

Best of all- and what put me back on the Jamie train- is "The Night She Came Home", an hour-long documentary chronicling Curtis's first and only convention appearance, at HorrorHound 2012. The feature, shot by Curtis's sister Kelly, basically just follows the star around as she arrives and works at the show, posing for photos, signing stuff, and talking with fans. An inconsequential event for those of us relegated to watching it all unfold on a TV screen, perhaps, but, as corny as it may sound, there's a lot of love going on throughout. It made my coal black horror fan heart beat at least one time! And by the end I remembered that despite the dilution of the title "Scream Queen" in recent years, she really is the Super Ultra #1 Scream Queen For Real. How could I ever take her for granted? ILU JLC!

What better way to celebrate than with an Awesome Movie Poster Friday? None. There is no better way. Except pizza.

No, no Halloween: Resurrection posters because fuck Halloween: Resurrection!

Prom Night (what the heck, that Japanese one looks like a car ad)

The Fog (ow, my bursitis is flaring up no wait, that's just my love of The Fog)

Road Games

Mother's Boys (have you seen this? It is some Lifetime Movie-level thriller shit and I love it)


Anonymous said...

Great post, some excellent posters. I am a huge fan of horror and I look forward to reading more of your posts.

sean james hair said...


Anonymous said...

Wow, some pretty rad posters! And fuck Halloween Resurrection! That shit blew!

Enzd said...

I think I'm the only person in the universe who liked and enjoyed Halloween Resurrection :| And not simply because "it could have been worse"! Though it could have.

Awesome posters as usual. For some reason I've always liked the the Japanese(?)one where Michael's literally inhuman underneath the mask.

Stacie Ponder said...

I probably would have been more amenable to it if Laurie hadn't met such a miserable end so early on. That character deserved better, dammit!

matango said...

That Thai (?) Terror Train poster is great.

Dead In Hell said...

"No, no Halloween: Resurrection posters because fuck Halloween: Resurrection!"

This a million times. Fills me with warm fuzzy feelings to read that sentence. I can't decide which I hate more, Resurrection or the Rob Zombie remakes.