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Oct 4, 2012

SHOCKtober Day 4: Audition

Have you seen Audition? If not, stop reading this. Don't read anything about it before you watch it. Sure, there are twists and turns to the story that shouldn't be spoiled for you in advance, but the bigger point is that Audition is a film that should be experienced rather than discussed. Not that there isn't plenty to discuss, and I mean beyond the infamous (oh so rightly infamous...every warning you've heard about this film is completely warranted) denouement: Audition is a compelling examination of loneliness, relationships, gender roles, happiness, and, more than anything else, honesty. It's also, as you know if you're still reading this, a GD horror masterpiece laden in unease.

And since you're only still reading this if you've seen it RIGHT, then I don't need to talk about it any more. Instead, I will post some Audition fan art because who knew there was Audition fan art? Well now we all know there's Audition fan art and by gum, everyone else needs to know about it too.

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