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Jun 15, 2012

awesome movie poster friday - the P.O.V. edition!

In light of my recent review of Chernobyl Diaries, which...hold hold HOLD A MOMENT. As I uploaded the posters from that film, I noticed the taglines for the first time: "Prepare for the fallout"? "Experience the fallout"? Really? REALLY? That is the tackiest, most inappropriate shit I've seen in a long, long time- and I was recently subjected to an episode of Family Guy. Wow.

Anyway, what? Yes, in light of my review of I can't believe those GD taglines, here are some posters from the always-divisive subgenre known as P.O.V. horror. You know I love it!

A few things: geezaloo, those Paranormal Activity posters are really a product of their time, aren't they? They're just so...viral ready. Posters have long employed the critical quote to engender interest, but dayum- a whole block of text from Bloody-Disgusting? Okay, Paranormal Activity, we get it. People like you and think you're scary. You don't have to be so desperate about it. And the Japanese poster for Paranormal Activity 2, with the scanny thing right smack in the center- the Q code or whatever they're called?- I don't know. It doesn't exactly entice me, but I suppose I should just be thankful it's not a Myspace URL.

My favorite of the bunch is the Poughkeepsie Tapes poster with the mask- it does what a horror movie poster should! It's got a simple, intriguing tagline and an image that grabs you by the fill in the blanks with terror.

Now I really want to see "It grabs you by the fill in the blanks with terror!" on a poster someday. Dare to dream!



Bloody Mary said...

Okay, I think today's the day I finally watch Poughkeepsie Tapes. I've been saving it.

ArtAlmquist said...

Man, I love those "(rec)" posters, especially the first one with her head down! So mysterious and interesting. I always hated the way that (1) the US DVD art for "(rec)" looks like a totally different woman who is more worried about a breakup in a chick flick than about diseased/possessed mutants, and (2) the "Quarantine" one gives away the last shot. I'd never seen the Spanish one, and of course, it is so much better. Stupid U.S. marketers.

I took a chance on "Atrocious," and while there's a little too much running around in the dark, it's a solid discovery with a pretty great finale. This also reminds me again that "The Poughkeepsie Tapes" is still sitting in the "saved" section of my queue after at least two years with no release date in site. What up with that, I ask? Come on, magical DVD releasers!

Great as usual, Stacie. Dare to dream!

dwyermckerr said...

No "Man Bites Dog"?