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Mar 9, 2012

awesome movie poster friday - the ALIEN edition!

That's right, making good on a promise of yesterweek with these posters from the Alien series...and man, these posters have me wanting to dig into the movies again. Well, the first two, anyway. Maybe the third, which I like if I can keep my brain from screaming YOU DID WHAT TO NEWT AND HICKS the whole time. Alien, that one I really have no desire to watch ever again. I don't remember hating it, necessarily, but I can't say I enjoyed it. For me it's kind of the equivalent of getting food poisoning from chicken chow mein or what have you- perhaps it's nothing against chicken chow mein itself, but rather the bad experience has my body fighting with everything it has against trying it again. I found a DVD cover for the film that features one quote on it, no tagline. The quote, from People Magazine: "Resurrection rocks!"

That basically sums up that situation, I think.

Also: Prometheus. Oooh baby, I can't wait for that one!


Vicki said...

I love me some Alien! Gonna have to break out the box set :)

s. said...

One of my favorite franchises, although I hate that Cameron took the horror out and replaced it with silly action scenes. I'm so glad Prometheus is setting things right again.

Miskatonic said...

One part of me says, "Cool. Human, Alien, and Synthetic." The other part says, "Snicker. Blood, Piss and Semen."

The worst thing about the third Alien film was it's name. Or at least the way it was rendered. Either they were suggesting that this wasn't just the third Alien movie, but it was Alien X Alien X Alien. That doesn't make much sense. The other option is that it was subtly the third Alien. The small three is just so non-committal.

matango said...

I love the Polish Alien poster (number 6). I'd love to hear the story behind how the artist got it so wrong. (The poster is great though.)

Dave Enkosky said...

Damn these are awesome. So many Alien posters I never saw before.

TheKungFuProfessor said...

The Ghanaian looking posters are awesome, my favourite is no#6 with the ribcage face.

Having recently watched the quadrilogy box set I found I only like the first one now. I could've sworn I loved Aliens but the crew reminded me of Team America World Police and the little kid screaming none stop kinda ruined the film for me.

Some films are best left as a nostalgic memory, the extras in the box set are good though.

Ulrich said...

"Snicker. Blood, Piss and Semen."

^ What a perfect describtion. But anyway I love me some Alien also.

Anonymous said...

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