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Sep 7, 2011

Can't stop the SHOCK (tober)

So, I'm doing a SHOCKtober celebration over at Jill Sandwich as well. It's the same idea as FG's 2010 listmania, know. Horror video games. Head on over and check it out, then send me your list! I love lists. Everyone loves lists. Hooray!

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ArtAlmquist said...

Stacie, this screen brought back some serious memories. At the tender age of about twelve, my friend Billy and I were poised at our Ataris (before there was a 5200 to force the classic to be dubbed 2600!). There we were, hungrily waiting for our packages from Wizard video to arrive. I had ordered the Halloween game, and he Texas Chainsaw. The orders had been delayed, and we actually even CALLED Wizard and asked what was up - and had a helpful Wizard gal ask us to be patient and even describe each game to us. Serious commitment/ nerdery. Well, the games finally arrived, and we quickly agreed that I got the better game - but in those days, even the TCM game did sort of grow on us. I'd love to somehow play them both again. Thanks for the great pic!