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Jun 13, 2011

let's do this

By "this", I mean BRING BACK THE FILM CLUB! Yes, it's time. Because I have time! So let's take the time to watch...

Cold Prey (2006)

Can't lie, dudes and dudettes- I've seen this Norwegian slasher before. I've yet to see the sequel, though, so I'm using this as an excuse to have a "double" "feature". Cold Prey is quite good! At least I think so. It's widely available on DVD and it's on Netflix instant watch, so you can judge for yourself.

The movie: Cold Prey (aka Fritt Vilt) (2006)
The due date: Tuesday, July 19
What you do:
  1. Review the movie on your site. Add a link to Final Girl in there somewhere. If you've reviewed the film before, that's fine- but you must retrofit your review with a link to FG in order to be included in my round-up.
  2. Email your link to me at stacieponder at gmail dot com. Put 'film club' or some such in the subject line.
  3. Bask in the warm, glowing, warming glow of Film Club Day. Easy, breezy, et cetera et cetera.


Thomas Duke said...

I did like this movie, but haven't seen the 2nd. So, I have 5 weeks to review it? I can manage that. I'm always up for yet another slasher review.

The word verification is "SAYINGL", so it look like "SAYING!", which seems vaguely like a valley girl expression, but I can't put the pieces together.

Alexandra said...

Hi Stacie,
I'm pumped about Film Club's return! Just a quick question, would you like a review of both films?
I look forward to the glowing, warming glow :)

Bill Walsh said...

Since Stacie pays me the big bucks for the language info, I should note that a more literal translation of Fritt Vilt is Free-Range Game.

So you got that goin’ for you.

RJ said...

Haha. Wow. I've never seen this, but it does star Viktoria Winge who is in the awesome (not horror) movie Reprise.

Dave Enkosky said...

Awesome! It's been too long. I Can't wait to watch this.

Hud said...

Excellent choicage!

scarina said...

Film Club's back! Now I can put on my Final Girl Member's Only jacket again.

Erico said...

The sequel is just as good as the first one, although it is very reminiscent of Halloween 2, as it takes place almost entirely in a hospital. Great atmosphere and despite some deja-vu scares, overall a worthy sequel.

Stacie Ponder said...

If you want to watch and review both, go for it! I'm looking forward to it, for sure.

Bloody Mary said...

Son-of-a-flippin #@&*! I just sat down to watch this now that it finally got dark out and Netflix had removed it from Instant Watch! Noooooooooooooooo! Netfllllliiixxxx!