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Jan 26, 2011

The Scare-ening...

...will not be on this week. I know you find this greatly upsetting. There, there, ol' chum, chin up. It'll return next week!

This took me forever to make and it's STILL awful.

However! Next week we will be moving to a new night- TUESDAYS! The Scare-ening will be on Tuesdays from here on out. The time, 8pmPST, remains the same. But! The live show will only be 30 minutes from now on. We may go longer and you can hear the rest if you download, but we'll only be live streaming for a half an hour. Things change, my friends. Things change.

Next week, then. Tuesday!


Hallospaceboy said...

What will the crazy mad caller do this week with no scare -ening to harass?

Nick Mullins said...

May the week hiatus and new time keep the trolls at bay.

Banned In Queensland said...

I expect the mad caller will call in today, as usual, and then wait in hold until next Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

I listened to the last couple shows. I thought they were pretty good. As far as the weirdos calling in - just hang up on them. I wouldn't even give them a chance to say their dumb shit.

Did one of them say something about Jim Van Bebber? I saw him at Cinema Wasteland con last year. He was falling down drunk and hurling obscenities at everyone in the room - people who came to watch his movie. He was a total asshole. At least a dozen people got up and left the room before his movie even started. Maybe he's not always like that, I dont know.

Thomas Duke said...

I've listened closely the last couple of weeks, and I have a theory about your mystery caller "Sarah from Toronto".

I remember an earlier episode where Heidi was ranting about how she hated Sarah Polley, and I also recall an episode where you guys made fun of SPLICE for a good half hour (and rightfully so).

You want to guess where Sarah Polley is from? Yes...TORONTO! Maybe if you take some time during a show to point out how GO is pretty much the best movie ever, she'll stop calling the show to yell the word "cuntface" at you.

Please, don't let the vengeful actions of one bitter canucklehead sour you on an entire country eh.