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Jul 10, 2009

awesome movie poster friday - the FULCI edition!

Wow, this is the 50th Awesome Movie Poster Friday! Just think, if I actually did one every week, this would be, like, number 288.

In related news, I desperately want to see Murderock, even though "they" say it's not very good.

In other related news, check out my reviews of some Fulci-tastic flicks:
In unrelated news, I watched Mimic right before bed and I dreamt about big bugs.

In related unrelated news, what the hell ever happened to Mira Sorvino? I like her.


Jordan in Texas said...

Great stuff!

Phantom of Pulp said...

Wow, stunning posters, FG.

I'd never seen the first of THE BEYOND.

Nowtas said...

Murderock has a beyond stunningly off key, messy disco-funk soundtrack. One track - Streets to blame - has me strut and sway like a crazy loon when the MP3 player shuffles it at me of a morning. It's not a bad film, but that soundtrack will either delight you or drive you mad.

"Ther's nothing you can do when it takes control - paranoia is coming your way..."

rob! said...

That one House by the Cemetery poster--the one with red and yellow typeface--makes the movie look a little cartoony, like its The Monster Squad or something.

What a shock to anyone renting HBTC not realizing what they're in for!

Anonymous said...

Coool alternate version of the Zombie trailer.