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Aug 11, 2006

Ridiculous Faces of Death 1

I'm sure as fine connoisseurs of horror you've all experienced this phenomena at one time or another: the Ridiculous Death Face. It occurs when the actor or actress portraying the hapless victim pulls...well, a mighty ridiculous face when they're being shown what for by the film's psycho.

Having never been killed or killed someone in real life, I have no idea if people actually make faces like this when they're dying. Frankly, I don't want to know because that's a little morbid. Having never acted in a horror film, I don't know if the director tells these actors to...uh, emote this way or not. But when watching a movie, whether a good or bad one, whether I'm sucked into the action or not, these silly faces bring everything to a screeching halt, if only for a minute.

So, to introduce this new feature to the hallowed halls of Final Girl, I give you the eeeevil Dr. Crews (Terry Kiser) from Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood. After meeting the business end of Jason's mighty yard trimmer:

This is what we get:

Dr. Crews, I knew you were a jerk when you used Tina's mother as a human shield...and sad to say, it's therefore fitting that you die looking so stupid.


Amanda By Night said...

I love "Bad News" Crews. Terry Kiser rawks, what he was doing in this particular role is beyond me but he WAS in Three's Company for crissakes.

Ah, the face of death, it's funny, uh...I mean, scary!

Anonymous said...

Considering what happened to his midsection (you get the gushy shot on the Killer Extras disc in the Box Set) Kiser's becomes even sillier.

Trav said...

I am LOVING your blog!
That damn Terry Kiser!
Looks like he was getting his game face on for Bernie in Weekend At Bernie's.
He's so bananas!

Stacie Ponder said...

I haven't yet checked out the gore documentary yet, Chadwick, but no matter WHAT got caught, his reaction is hilariously terrible! Getting a weed-whacker to the abdomen, he just kinda crosses his eyes and...calmly dies. Awesome.

Thanks Trav, and welcome! I hope you stick around!

CampBlood said...

HAHAHA!!! Bad New Crews! Terry Kiser is funny. Check him out as Terk Logan in Six Pack trying to pickup an underage Diane Lane....

Unknown said...

Bernie Lomax! I used to love seeing this guy...ummm..Terry Kiser that's it! When he would appear on Three's Company! He died good in Friday VII...esp unrated!