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Nov 5, 2005

Saturday Night's Alright For Pimpin'

For those of you out there who like a lil' scary comic book action, lemme guide you over to Silver Bullet Comic Books website, which has got a sweet preview of the upcoming Digital Webbing Presents #27.

The issue is chock full of all kinds of good stuff, including Zombie Highway, which has got some inks by yours truly. Writer/creator Jason Pell talks a bit about the story:
“’Zombie Highway, despite the name, has never been about zombies for me,” explains Pell. I'm much more interested in the people that live in that nutty world.”

“This installment features Mr. Maple, an undertaker before the zombies occupied the world. Little has changed in his mind, except perhaps the dead need a little more aggressive persuasion to stay in the ground. And if lives are lost, then that's just more business. Maple is not evil, but lives completely, uncompromisingly in the gray.”
Also included in the issue is Sack-'em-up Gentlemen, written by Kevin Melrose of Dark, But Shining fame. Sayeth Mr. Melrose:
In Great Britain of the early 19th century, medical schools had to compete for a limited number of executed criminals to dissect. As the number of medical students climbed, so did the demand for cadavers -- to the point that schools and individuals sometimes paid body snatchers to procure corpses. Occasionally, desperate students would even find their own cadavers.

“In the story, two students stake out a village cemetery, waiting for the right corpse, to further their education, of course. Unfortunately, they're not the only ones with a keen interest in the recently departed,” explains Melrose. “’Sack-'em-Up Gentleman’ combines 19th century history and elements of Cornish and Breton folklore, two of my geekish hobbies.”

The issue's also got zombie hunters and aliens...oh my! So check it out- and I'll be back tomorrow to talk about movies, I swear.
from Zombie Highway, pencils by Derek Laufman, inks by me, colors by Kieran Oats

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