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Jun 11, 2005

...and introducing Stacie as your ship's blogger

Here it is, just what the internet needed...

One. More. Blog.

I've found my niche and I'm running with it, though, dammit.

Why "Final Girl"? Well, it's the term used to describe the last survivor of the killer's deadly rampage: the good girl, the heroine, the one who gets away. Think Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween, Adrienne King in Friday the 13th, or Heather Langenkamp in A Nightmare on Elm Street...almost.

You see, I grew up with horror movies. My parents loved 'em. For some reason they never saw fit to get a babysitter, and so I tagged along to the drive-in no matter what was playing. I found that Friday the 13th Part 2 didn't give me nightmares, but rather gave me a thrill- I soon discovered a love for being
just plain scared. After lights out, I'd get out of bed and approach my window, thinking "Wouldn't it be scary if the backyard was full of zombies?"- and then I'd dare to peek outside. I'd pour over issues of Fangoria magazine and Famous Monsters of Filmland (I wanted to see Motel Hell soooo bad after reading the Fangoria feature on it...). I was riveted every Saturday to WLVI Channel 56's Creature Double Feature.

Yup, I was big into horror and being scared. And to quote one Ronnie McDonnie, I've never stopped...err...lovin' it.

And so I'm dipping my toe into the horror blogosphere, to talk about the movies I loved most growing up: slashers. I have no idea where this blog will go, but I look forward to sharing those movies and whatever else I discover with you, dear reader.

I mean,
wouldn't it be scary to have a backyard full of zombies?


Kevin Melrose said...

Welcome to the horror blogoversisphere, Stacie. I'm looking forward to reading what you have to say about slashers.

Anonymous said...

Heh. I got the same introduction to scary movies as a kid, being taken along to the drive-in to see the same things my Mom watched.

I'm looking forward to reading more posts. :)

Not that there's any pressure or anything...

Stacie Ponder said... pressure at all...thank the lord I put on Degree today!! :D

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Well it would be scary unless your backyard was fenced in and it had some sort of corral door thing like in Day of the Dead. then it might be fun, like a living dead rodeo. But that's just what came to my mind.