FINAL GIRL explores the slasher flicks of the '70s and '80s...and all the other horror movies I feel like talking about, too. This is life on the EDGE, so beware yon spoilers!


 Slashers 101 is a 24-page, black and white mini-comic (or "ashcan"). It's sort of my love letter to slasher movies in that it'll break 'em down and build 'em up for you. Want to know what makes a slasher movie a slasher movie? This will tell you! I talk about films you've likely seen and maybe some you haven't. I talk about weapons, masks, hairdos, and all sorts of stuff...

...all for only $5! That's right, this baby is $5. Unless you buy the sketch edition, mind you, which is $10- but it comes with an original drawing (by me) right on the back cover! And you tell me what to draw! Pretty neat, really. Here are a couple of the sketches I've done for folks:

So yeah, you get the idea.


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Do you review comics and/or horror stuff? Want a PDF of Slashers 101? Hit me up at stacieponder at gmail dot com.

And FYI: I go to the post office but once a week.

And guys, please keep the sketch requests reasonable. They are only small and cheap! I give you more than your money's worth in them, but saying "a sketch from Black Christmas" is better than "these ten characters from these ten movies dancing while on a shopping spree at the mall from The Initiation", you know? Thanks!

BTW, I love The Initiation.